Quantitative Analysis

Several different quantitative analyses are available. In a quantitative analysis the level of one or more compounds are determined. Depending on the compound, this level may be as low as in the ng/L (parts per billion) range. Quantitation of several compounds are essential to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines.

In a quantitative analysis, compounds with similar chemical or physical properties are grouped together, allowing the analysis of a sample for a number of different compounds in a single analytical run. Internal standards are included to allow accurate quantitation. Group 3 compounds are non-polar, and semi-volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, phenols and chlorine pesticides are quantitated separately by GC/MS. Some of these groups are further divided into smaller packages to allow quantitation of the package with a single set of instrument settings.

The WHO Water Quality Guidelines list is comprised of several individual packages, but is presented as a single package due to the popularity of this test to determine water quality. The quantitation of Endocrine Disruptors and of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, similarly, are also available as single packages. Although included in the WHO Water Quality package, bacterial and chemical analyses can also be performed separately where required.

It is sometimes necessary to quantitate only a single or a small number of determinants. LiquidTech™ offers the Custom Analysis to allow clients to specifiy required determinants or assemble their own package to suit individual needs. Please contact us for a quatation for a customn analysis.