Chemical compounds have different physical properties (notably their polarities) that require different techniques for analysis. It is not possible to use a single technique to separate or detect and quantitate all compounds with different polarities that are contaminants in water or other liquids.

At LiquidTech™, organic compounds are analysed using either GC/MS to detect and quantitate non-polar compounds, while the more polar compounds are detected and quantitated using LC/MS/MS.

Two types of liquid analyses can be performed. When you have no idea as to the identity of the contaminant in your liquid, a Qualitative screen can be performed. These screens give you an insight into the presence or absence of a vast number of compounds, but provide no information on the concentration at which a compound may be present. Once one or more contaminants have been identified (either from our qualitative screen or otherwise), a Quantitative analysis follows a more focused approached using the previously gained knowledge. This analysis gives you accurate contaminant levels in the liquid, but only for the compounds included in the analysis method.