LiquidTech™ provides a service to analyze water for the presence of harmful organic pollutants 

The sustained availability of clean water is essential for human health. However, many normal human activities such as agriculture, manufacturing and personal medical care often lead to the unintended pollution of drinking water. In some cases such pollutants are known to have a profoundly negative impact on human health, including reproductive, neurological and immunological effects. Some chemicals are especially disruptive in a critical pre-natal and post-natal developmental window.

At LiquidTech™ we make use of LC/MS/MS and GC-MS to detect and quantify a range of such potentially harmful compounds, even if they are present at extremely low concentrations (parts per trillion or ng/L). Many of these compounds are not detectable by techniques currently used to assess water quality, yet may be present at quantitites that are sufficient to be harmful to the environment and to humans. We analyse samples from rivers, lakes, dams, reservoirs, water treatment plants, drinking water and bottled water, as well as other liquids such as beverages and wine.